Editing attributes that have multiple values in a requirements project

If an attribute has multiple attribute values, you can edit the attribute values on the Artifacts page. On that page, you can also edit the attribute values for multiple artifacts at the same time.

Before you begin

You must have defined an attribute with an attribute type that has an enumerated list of values.

About this task

To watch a video of this procedure, click the Show Me link at the beginning of the topic.


  1. On the Artifacts page, display the artifacts to edit.
  2. If the attribute to edit does not have a column on the Artifacts page, add one:
    1. Click the Configure Page Settings icon, and then click Configure Columns to Display.
      Configure Page Settings icon
    2. In the window that opens, add the attribute so that it is displayed as a column.
  3. In the attribute column, click the cell for the artifact to edit Pencil icon.
    From the list that opens, you can filter and select artifacts to add or remove. The following icon indicates that cell is not editable:
  4. To edit attributes for multiple artifacts, select the artifacts to which you want to apply the change and from the edit menu of one of the artifacts pencil iconS dropdown, click Edit attributes.

    The Edit Attributes dialog box displays a progress message while processing the updates. Using bulk update, you can update multiple attributes and apply the attribute changes to all the artifacts that you saved as view in a collection or module. The following system attributes can also be changed with the bulk update function:

    • Artifact types
    • Folder
    • Workflow
    • Tags
    • Team Ownership