Creating collections

A collection is a set of artifacts that you create for a specific purpose.


  1. Open either the Artifacts page or the Collections page.
  2. In the Collections menu, click Create Collection.
  3. Type a name for the collection plus any optional information. Optionally, select the Open Artifact checkbox if it is not already selected.
  4. Click Finish. If you selected the Open Artifact checkbox, the Collection Editor is displayed.
  5. Click Add Artifact, and select the artifacts that you want to add. Refer to the keyboard shortcuts to know more about how to select multiple artifacts.
  6. Click Add and Close. The selected artifacts open in the Collections editor.
    Note: If you are using a supported browser, you can upload a file into a collection by dragging the file from the Windows desktop into the collection editor. For more information, see Uploading files to a requirements project .
  7. Select Save or if you are done with this editor, select Done.
  8. Optional: Click the Create Review from Collection icon in the toolbar if you want to create a review of the collection.


After you save your collection, it is displayed in both the Artifacts page and in the Collections page. To return to the Artifacts page after saving a collection, either click the project name breadcrumb or click the project name in the Home menu Home.

You can export the artifacts in a collection to a CSV file by selecting the Export collection to CSV file icon Export collection to CSV file or by selecting individual artifacts and then selecting Export from the menu.

Saving collections to other formats

You can save a collection to a Microsoft Word or to a PDF document from within the collection editor by selecting a choice from the Create and Print menu Create and Print icon.