Logging in to a requirements project repository

Log in to a requirements project repository in the web client by using the web address and user credentials that your administrator provides.

Before you begin

Obtain a URL and your user name and password from your project administrator.


  1. To log in, type the following URL into your browser address field:
    https://hostname:port number/rm/web/
    In this example, hostname is the fully-qualified hostname of the server that your administrator provided, and port number is the port number on that server. For example, enter a URL such as this:
  2. Log in using the user name and ID that your administrator provided. Authentication can be configured to use an external LDAP registry, a custom/federated WebSphere Application Server user directory. For more information, contact your administrator.


The All Projects window opens, which lists all the projects of which you are a member. The All Projects page has a page navigator when over 100 projects are displayed. You can use the page navigator at the top of the page to see your projects in increments of 100.

Click Explore Dashboard to display the project dashboard or click Show Artifacts to open the project Artifacts page.