Reusing artifacts in modules

Artifacts can be reused in multiple contexts in a project, including collections and modules. You can edit artifact content in a module or by opening the artifact outside the module. Content changes are reflected in all contexts. Links, tags, and comments are specific to the context in which they are created. If you want links, tags, and comments to reflect in all contexts, edit the artifact outside the module as a base artifact.

About this task

To reuse artifacts in a module, you can add existing artifacts to a module or create new artifacts in the module. You can also reuse an artifact by copying it from one module and pasting to another module. You can also select and insert an existing artifact from another module into a module. The base artifact is reused and added to the module.

Note: When you open an artifact in a module, a light blue banner at the top of the page indicates that the view is associated with an artifact in a module, rather than a base artifact. The name and ID of the module displays in the blue banner.

When you work with an artifact outside a module, you are working with the base artifact.

After you add or create artifacts in modules, you can work with the artifacts in the module or on the Artifacts page. Changes to the artifact name, content, attributes are reflected in all contexts: in the base artifact and in all modules that include the artifact.


Viewing artifacts in a module that are reused in other modules:

  • Click the More Actions icon More Actions icon and select Configure Columns to Display.
  • Select Used in Modules.
    The Used in Modules column appears. In that column, the artifacts that are used in other modules are indicated by the reuse icon . To view a list of links to modules that the artifact is reused in, hover your cursor over the icon.
    Tip: You can also view reuse in these places:
    • The Where Used section of an artifact sidebar
    • The Used in Modules column on the Artifacts page
    • The artifact summary that is shown when you hover over a link