Integrating the Requirements Management application and DOORS

You can integrate IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS (DOORS) with the Requirements Management (RM) application in the IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM). You can link requirement artifacts in the RM application to requirement objects in DOORS modules. After you create links, you can display a summary of the linked object or go to the object. You can also add a widget to your dashboard to monitor the status of linked objects.

Before you begin

  • Make sure that you have the host name and IP address for the Jazz® Team Server where the RM application is registered.
  • You must have an installation of DOORS and IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS - Web Access (DWA) version 9.5 or later.
  • You must know the URL for the DWA root services. That URL is in the following format: https://host-name:8443/dwa/public/rootservices.
  • You must have login credentials for DOORS as a database manager or as a custom user who has the power to manage the database and open the database properties.
Note: The operating system of the DOORS server and the RM server must have the same date and time, with a difference of 5 minutes or less.

About this task

Note: The capabilities that are provided by the RM application in ELM are licensed as IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS Next (DOORS Next).

You can use this integration to add and remove traceability links between the RM application and DOORS. You can include these traceability links in traceability reports in the RM tools. RM integrations with DOORS and other external RM applications use the References link type. You can create links in either the RM application in ELM or in DOORS. When you work in one application, you are prompted to log in to the other application repository to gain access to existing links and gain permission to create new links. Links are stored in the source application where they are created. The target application queries the source application for any integration links and then displays those links. You can place your cursor over a link to display a summary of the linked object or click the link to go to the object. After you log in, if the integrated repository becomes unavailable, a message is displayed.

Permissions for creating links between the RM application and DOORS are controlled at the project level in RM. Permissions are checked for the local project not the remote project or module.

If you try to remove a link that is stored in DOORS from the RM application in ELM, an error is displayed if the module in DOORS is open. You can delete the link in DOORS or close the module and delete the link in the RM application.

Complete the following integration tasks.