Configuring the Requirements Management application as a consumer and DOORS as a provider

To enable linking between IBM® Engineering Requirements Management DOORS® (DOORS ) and the Requirements Management (RM) application, you must configure the RM application as a consumer and DOORS as a provider.

Before you begin

You must be able to log on to the Jazz® server as a user who has Jazz Administrator privileges.


  1. Log on to the Jazz server as a user who has Jazz Administrator privileges. For the RM application, go to https://host-name:9443/rm/admin.
  2. On the Server tab, select the Friends (Outbound) page.
  3. At the Friends List, click Add.
  4. In the Add Friend window, type a name for the IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS - Web Access (DWA) server, such as DWA.
  5. Enter the URL for the DWA root services in this format: https://host-name:8443/dwa/public/rootservices.
  6. Enter an OAuth secret.
    The OAuth secret code phrase is associated with the new OAuth consumer key. This code phrase can contain one or more words and special characters. It cannot exceed 50 characters, and it is never shown in the user interface. This code phrase acts as a password to access the friend server.
  7. Click Create Friend and then click Next.
    A provisional key is created.
  8. Copy the provisional key for later use and click Finish.
  9. To verify that the consumer key was created in DOORS :
    1. Log on to DOORS as a database manager or a custom user who has the power to manage the database, and open the database properties.
    2. In the DOORS client, do one of these steps:
      • For DOORS version 9.5.1 and later, click File > OSLC > Local Keys.
      • For earlier versions of DOORS 9.5, right-click the database node in the left panel and click Properties. Click the Local Keys tab.
    3. In the Local Keys window, click Add to add RM as an OAuth consumer.
    4. For the consumer name, type a recognizable name for the consumer, such as RM.
    5. For the consumer key, enter the provisional key that was created in the friend entry on the Jazz Team Server.
    6. Type and confirm the OAuth secret.
    7. Click Register.

What to do next

You can now associate an RM project with a DOORS module.