Associating an RM project with a DOORS module

To enable linking between IBM® Engineering Requirements Management DOORS (DOORS) and the Requirements Management (RM) application, you must associate an RM project area with a DOORS module.

About this task

In the RM application, associations are made at the project level. In DOORS, associations are made to modules, but not to projects or module views. To create links to objects in multiple modules in DOORS, each module must be associated to the RM project. When you create a link from an RM artifact, all modules in the repository might be displayed in the selection list, even though some modules might not be associated. If you select an object in a module that is not associated with the RM project, the link is not created.


  1. Open a project in the RM application.
  2. From the Adminstration menu, click Manage This Project Area.
  3. In the Associations section, click Add.
  4. In the Add Association window, from the Application list, select DOORS Web Access.
  5. From the Association list, select a Related Requirement association, which supports the References link type.
  6. In the Artifact Containers section, select a module in a DOORS project and click OK.
  7. To verify the association:
    1. Open a requirement in the RM application.
    2. In the Links section of the sidebar, click Create Link icon.
    3. In the Create Link window, select the References link type.
    4. From the Artifact Container list, select Services for Project Requirements Document and click Choose Existing.
    5. Select a requirement that is in the DOORS project and click Open.

What to do next

You can now configure Requirements Management as a provider and DOORS as a consumer.