Importing and extracting requirement artifacts from documents

When you import a document to a requirements project or component, you can specify that certain parts of the document are imported and extracted as specific artifact types. You can also extract artifacts from a document that is already in a project or component.

Before you begin

Planning and awareness of limitations are key to a successful import. Before you begin the import process, make sure that you are familiar with the structure of your document. Then, plan how you want the content to be structured in the new artifact. For information about planning to import, see Planning to import documents.

Restriction: You can import only one document at a time. If you try to start a second import before the previous import is completed, the second import cannot start until the previous import is completed.

About this task

Artifacts are extracted based on criteria, such as headings, images, keywords, and text delimiters. You can specify where the artifacts are saved and whether to include them in modules.

You can extract artifacts from documents that are in or outside of a project or component. If you extract artifacts from a document that is outside of a project or component, you must import the document, and the document content is extracted during the import process.

You can import these document types:
  • Microsoft Office (.doc and .docx files)
  • Open Office (.odt files)
  • Rich Text Format (.rtf files)
  • Compressed (.zip files that contain a supported document type)
You can extract these document types:
  • Microsoft Office (.doc and .docx files)


  • To import a document from outside of the project or component and extract artifacts from that document:
    1. Open the project or component.
    2. Click Artifacts.
    3. On the Artifacts page, click Create to expand the menu and click Import Artifact.
    4. In the Import wizard, click Import requirements from within a text document and follow the prompts in the wizard to complete the import and extract the artifacts.
  • To extract artifacts from a document that is already in the project or component:
    1. On the Artifacts page, select an artifact.
    2. Click the Edit icon for the artifact and click Extract Requirements from Artifact.
    3. In the Extract Requirements wizard, specify the details about the artifacts to create, and follow the prompts to extract the artifacts.