Showing and hiding archived components in the RM application

Show and hide archived components from the Browse Components page. Archived components are hidden from view in the application and you cannot use them until you restore them.

Before you begin

Configuration management must be enabled for the project.

About this task

Components are archived for several reasons: they are no longer in use, created for temporary use only or by mistake, or their artifacts were cloned to newer components.


  1. Open a project from the Home menu Home menu or the All Projects view:
  2. On the toolbar, click Administration Administration menu > Manage Components and Configurations.
  3. Click Browse Components.
  4. To show or hide archived components, click Show archived components Show archived components icon or Hide archived components Hide archived components icon above the table.

What to do next

To resume work in the current project, click Artifacts on the toolbar. Check that the Current Project Component and Current Configuration menus on the toolbar are set to the component and configuration that you want to work in.

To resume work in another project, select it from the Home menu Home menu or the All Projects view.