Managing type inconsistencies across configurations

When you use configuration management and deliver changes across streams, it is possible for the types in your streams to become inconsistent from one another. This is most common when you choose the change sets to deliver rather than delivering all the change sets from one stream to another. For example, it is possible to deliver an artifact type that references a new attribute without delivering the attribute itself.

In order to identify and manage such inconsistencies when you view artifact types, attributes, or attribute data types, check Show Missing and past references.While looking at an artifact type, a new button Show Previous Attributes appears that lists attributes that were previously removed or are referenced by the type in another configuration. You can restore deleted attributes or add missing attributes to the current stream. When you look at an attribute, you can see the attribute data types that are missing. You can restore them. When you look at an attribute data type, you can see the values that are missing or deleted. You can restore them.