Managing templates for requirements projects or components

You can delete, download, modify, and upload templates for requirements projects or components. When configuration management is not enabled, you manage templates for projects. When configuration management is enabled, you manage templates for components. You use the download and upload capabilities to copy a template to another Jazz® repository.

Before you begin

  • To delete, modify, or upload a template, you must have the following prerequisites:
    • An Analyst client access license
    • JazzAdmins repository permissions
  • To view your repository permissions and client access license, open a project. In the upper right, from the User Profile menu User profile menu item, click View My Profile and Licenses. To view your project role, from the Administration menu Administration menu item, click Manage This Project Area. To complete this task, you must be in a project or component, or dashboard.
    Important: You cannot use a template as a backup because the artifact history, comments, reviews, and access controls are not preserved. Templates do not preserve the links that are outside of the artifacts.

About this task

The following procedure is for managing project templates. The process for managing component templates is similar, but the names and labels are specific to components. In projects enabled for configurations, you manage component templates.


  1. Complete the following steps to edit, delete, or download a project template by using the web client:
    1. Open a project, click the Administration menu , and select Manage Project Properties.
      Note: If configuration management is enabled for your project, on the Administration menu, click Manage Component Properties.
    2. On the project administration page, click the Templates tab.
    3. In the Templates list, click Project Templates.
    4. Select a template in the list, click the Edit menu to the right of the entry, and select one of the following options:
    • Click Edit to open the Manage Template window where you can change the template name and description.
    • Click Delete to remove the template from the repository.
    • Click Download to save the template to your computer as a template archive file. Templates that you download do not include comments, reviews, history, or access controls.
  2. Complete the following steps to upload a template:
    Important: Project templates from a different DOORS® Next version are not supported.
    1. Click Upload Template.
    2. In the Upload Project Template window, browse to and select the template archive file to upload.
    3. Click Upload. After the upload is complete, click Close.
      The uploaded template is displayed in the template list.