Managing artifact templates

You can delete or edit artifact templates from the project administration Templates page. You can also update the template with any changes in the artifact that the template is based on.

About this task

You must have project administrator permissions to delete or edit an artifact template.


To delete or edit an artifact template using the web client:

  1. Open a project, click the drop-down menu at the Administration icon Administration icon and select Manage Project Properties.
    Note: If configuration management is enabled for your project, on the Administration menu, click Manage Component Properties.
    A project administration page opens.
  2. Click the Templates tab.
  3. In the Templates list, click Artifact Templates.
  4. Select a template in the list and click the drop-down menu at the Edit icon Edit icon at the right end of the entry and select Delete or Edit.
  5. If you select Edit, the Manage Template window opens and you can do any of the following actions:
    • Change the template name.
    • Change the template description.
    • Update the contents of the artifact template with any changes that have been made in the artifact since it was used to create the template.
  6. Click OK to complete the operation.