Copying artifacts between projects

You can copy artifacts between projects in the Requirements Management (RM) application.

Before you begin

Before you copy artifacts between projects, verify the following items:
  • You are logged in as a user with JazzAdmins or JazzProjectAdmins repository permissions. You are assigned the Administrator role.
  • Both projects have the same setting for configuration management: either both are enabled or both are disabled.
  • If you use global configurations, ensure that you are using a global configuration that has contributions from both projects.
  • The target project contains the same artifact types, artifact attributes, and attribute data types as the artifacts in the source project.
    Important: To copy artifacts, the target project must contain the same artifact types as the source artifacts that are being copied, including URIs or artifact names. Otherwise, no artifacts are copied. If the target project does not contain the same artifact attributes or attribute data types, the source artifacts are copied, but the attribute values are not.
    Note: When copying and pasting modules or collections across components or projects, the shared and private views of the module or collection are copied. If the target component or project contains views that are shared across all modules or collections of the same type or shared across all modules or collections. And have the same name as the reused views in the copied module or collection, the copied views are not resolved. Instead, multiple views with the same name exist after the paste operation is run and must be resolved manually.

In projects that are enabled for configuration management, confirm whether you want to copy artifacts between components or clone them. To help you decide, see Cloning artifacts between components.

About this task

You can copy most artifacts between projects, including collections, modules, embedded artifacts, and diagrams. However, the copy function does not support copying the following items:
  • Graphical artifacts that require a browser plug-in, such as sketches, storyboards, screen flows, and business and use case diagrams
  • Tags
  • Comments
Note: Copying and pasting of artifacts between streams in the same component is not allowed. A more appropriate way to move data from one stream to another is to deliver the change set(s) that contain that data. This ensures you get the same concept in both places and that the version history is correct. At that point, if you want to copy the artifact somewhere else within the stream you may do so. Alternatively, you can also copy or paste within your current stream and then deliver the change set.


  1. Verify that the target project contains the same artifact types, artifact attributes, and attribute data types as the artifacts that you plan to copy. To view the project properties, complete these steps:
    1. Open the target project, click the drop-down menu for the Administration icon Administration icon and select Manage Project Properties.
      Note: If configuration management is enabled for your project, on the Administration menu, click Manage Component Properties.
    2. Click the Artifact Types tab, the Artifact Attributes tab, and the Attribute Data Types tab.
      Tip: If your target project does not contain the necessary project properties, you can import the artifact type system from the source project. For information about importing the type system from another project, see Importing project properties.
      Important: To copy artifacts between projects, the value in the URI field for artifact types or the artifact names in both the source and target projects must match. The URI value or name must also match between source and target artifact attributes and between artifact data types.

      The value in the URI fields must be in this format:

      For example, if you work for a company that is called Big-Bank, and you want to copy artifacts of type Actor from a source project, you might put the following value in the Actor artifact type URI field:
      If you copy the type system from the source project to the target project, you ensure that the value in the source URI field gets propagated to the target URI field in the target project.
  2. In the target project, right-click the folder into which to copy the artifacts and click Copy from a project.
  3. In the wizard that opens, follow the prompts to select the project, and the artifacts or modules to copy. When you select modules, all the views from those modules will be copied from the source to the target.
    Tip: You can also view the collections that need to be copied or cloned to the target project by clicking the Add Collection button.
  4. If the servers are hosted by the same domain server or different domain servers, you can also use the Paste as Link option between components on different servers.
    1. Copy the source artifact.
    2. Select the target artifact and click Paste as Link.
      paste as link image
    3. In the Create Link window, select the link type.
    4. Click OK and a Link has been created message will be displayed.