Signing a baseline electronically

If your project or organization requires validation of baselines you can add an electronic signature to validate and sign it.

Before you begin

Your project area must be configured to require electronic signatures on baselines, see Enabling Electronic signatures for a baseline.
Restriction: If your Jazz® Authorization Server is configured to use SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management), you will be unable to use electronic signatures.


  1. On the Administration menu, click Manage Baselines.

    If your project area has been enabled for configuration management:

    1. On the Administration menu, click Manage Components and Configurations.
    2. Click the stream to open it and then click the Baseline tab.
  2. Click the baseline to open it in the baseline editor.
  3. In the Electronic Signatures tab, click Add Electronic Signature.
  4. Depending on the project-level settings, on entering your user name and password, you can enter a comment and select a reason for signing the baseline.
    Note: If you have saved your username and password in the browser, the username and password fields may be automatically filled in.
  5. Click OK.


On signing a baseline, the electronic signature attaches to the baseline and displays in the baseline editor, on the Electronic Signatures tab. You can view the following information about the signature:
  • Signed by
  • Signed on
  • Reason for signing
  • Associated comment

IBM® Engineering Requirements Management DOORS® Next (DOORS Next) has a new Reportable REST API that enables users who create or modify templates with IBM Engineering Lifecycle Optimization - Publishing (PUB) to report on electronic signature information. The new API only displays electronic signatures if the report is run against artifacts in a baseline that has been signed. For details about the API, see DOORS Next REST API.