Participating in reviews

Team members can request that you Participate in a review of artifacts. The initiator of the review can designate you as an approver, reviewer, or optional reviewer. Optional reviewers have the full review capability, but their progress does not affect the status of the review.


  1. Click the name of a review on the Reviews page or in the Reviews widget on your dashboard.
  2. In the Participant’s Review window, select a check box for an artifact and use the adjacent push buttons and menus to select one of the following options. The available options depend on your role in the review (approver, reviewer, or optional reviewer).
    • Approve.
    • Disapprove.
    • Reviewed.
    • Approve with Comments. Enter your comments in the window and click Approve.
    • Reviewed with Comments. Enter your comments in the window and click Reviewed.
    • Disapprove.
    • Disapprove with Comments. Enter your comments in the Disapprove Artifact window and click Disapprove.
    • Abstain.
    • Abstain with Comments. Enter your comments in the Abstain from Reviewing Artifact window and click Abstain.
    Note: If you print an artifact in a review and include comments, the report prints only comments that are specific to the review.
  3. Optional: To set a page size to view a specific number of artifacts on the page, click the More Actions icon. You can also sort or resize the columns on the Participant's Review and Overall Review pages of a review. The changes that you make are preserved across sessions so that the next time you start your browser and open a review, the same sort column, column widths, and page size are displayed.
  4. Optional: To reset the page size, reset columns to their default widths, and remove any sort columns, click the More Actions icon, and then click Reset to Default. If an artifact table is sorted, click the More Actions icon and then click Clear Sorting.
    Hamburger menu Reviews page
  5. After you review all artifacts, click Done. After you click Done, you cannot change your review decisions; however, the review owner can reopen the review.


The overall review status indicates the following:
  • Approved: when at least one approver has approved and no approver has abstained.
  • Disapproved: when at least one approver has disapproved.
  • Reviewed: when there are no approvers and all reviewers have reviewed.
  • Approved: but with abstentions when at least one approver has approved and at least one approver has abstained.
  • Reviewed: but with abstentions when there are no approvers and at least one reviewer has abstained.
  • Not approved: when there's at least one approver, but no approver has approved.
You can see the overall status of the review and any abstentions by hovering over the review name on the Reviews page. The following image shows the overall status of a review:
Review status