Linking requirements to Rational ClearQuest records

You can link requirements with defects, tasks, requests for enhancements, and other record types in IBM® Rational ClearQuest. You can link to a new or existing record or artifact.

The Requirements Management (RM) application must be configured for integration with Rational ClearQuest, as described in Integrating the RM application and Rational ClearQuest.
The capabilities of the RM application in IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) are provided by the IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS Next (DOORS Next) product.

You can link any artifact type in the RM application, except collections and modules, with any record type in Rational ClearQuest that has a required package applied. There are two link types available for the integration: "Implemented By" and "Tracked By". A "Tracked By" link can only be created from within the RM application.

Typically, teams use "Implemented By" links to associate requirements with development team activities, represented by tasks records in Rational ClearQuest. You can also use "Implemented By" when linking requirements and requests for enhancements. It is typical for teams to use the "Tracked By" link type to track changes in requirements by linking them to defects or Requirements ChangeRequest records. You can vary your team's use of RM artifact types and Rational ClearQuest record types to support your team's process.

  1. Using the web client, open a requirement or other artifact and expand the Links section in the sidebar.
  2. Click the Add Link to Artifact icon and select a link type:
    • Implemented By
    • Tracked By
  3. In the login window for Rational ClearQuest, enter your ID, password, and the schema repository that is integrated with your Requirements Management application.
  4. In the Create Link window, change the link type and artifact container (Rational ClearQuest database), if necessary.
  5. Do one of the following:
    • Click Choose Existing. Use the Search Key field the Full Text or By Unique Key buttons to search for a record using a text string or a record ID. Select a record in the results list and click OK.
    • Click Create New. Enter the required information for the new record and click Save.

    To create an "Implemented By" link to an RM artifact from within a Rational ClearQuest record, click the Links tab. Click Add > Implements Requirement. In the Add Link window, link to a new or existing artifact.

After you create links, you can view and navigate to associated requirements and records from within either tool. Hover over a link to view a summary of the linked artifact or record.