Linking change sets in the DOORS Next application to work items

To increase traceability in the development lifecycle and prevent the delivery of unauthorized changes, you can track your work in change sets and create links between change sets in the IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS Next application and work items in the IBM Engineering Workflow Management application.

Before you begin

  • Ensure that you are familiar with project areas, components (if supported), baselines, streams, and change sets (if supported).
  • Ensure that you are logged in to a project.
  • You must have permission to manage change sets.
  • A change set must exist.

About this task

You can link a change set to one or more work items.

An administrator can further control changes to artifacts by requiring team members to link change sets to work items or change requests that have at least one approval. The governance of your project or organization determines when this option is enabled. Suppose, at the start of a project or release, this option might not be enabled so that team members might easily deliver many changes. Towards the end of a milestone or release, linking change sets to work items can be enforced so that only authorized changes are delivered. If this option is enabled, review the work item to ensure that it is approved (as defined by the application that manages work items) before you deliver your change set. Dependent change sets must also be linked to approved work items.