Running data warehouse reports in the Requirements Management (RM) application

You can run and view requirements management metrics reports that are based on the data in the data warehouse. The reports show information about requirement artifacts and traceability information about related quality management and change management data.

Before you begin

Before you can run or view a data warehouse report, you must install Report Builder.
Important: Projects that are enabled for configuration management do not populate the data warehouse and are therefore not included in any data warehouse reports. For information on reporting on configuration data, see Reporting on data in configurations with Report Builder.

About this task

Important: Metrics about requirements management are not collected in the data warehouse by default. For information about enabling data collection, see Collecting data with the data collection component.
Tip: When an artifact is in a module, it represents a requirement in the context of that module and generates two separate artifacts in the data warehouse. In certain reports, such artifacts might be shown twice in the same report.


Create a report in Report Builder, selecting Data Warehouse as the data source.


The report runs, the results are shown, and information about the report is shown.