Migrating graphical artifacts created in the graphical editor browser add-on

As of version 6.0.3, the graphical editor browser add-on is no longer available. If you created graphical artifacts by using the browser add-on and want to make changes to those artifacts, you can install and use the graphical artifact migration utility to convert them.

The migration utility converts the artifacts that you created with the graphical editor browser add-on to a format that can be used with the HTML-based diagram editor, which was introduced in version 6.0. The utility is an OpenSocial gadget that server administrators can host, and then users can add to their mini-dashboards in IBM® Engineering Requirements Management DOORS® Next (DOORS Next). It uses the extensions API to read the model of an existing graphical artifact and convert it in-place to the newer diagram format, which you can then edit.

For full details about the graphical artifact migration utility, see Extending the Requirements Management application on Jazz®.net.