Creating compare configuration report

You can create a configuration comparison report that contains the differences between two related configurations, baselines, streams or change sets. The comparison report provides information that is related to elements that are found in source and target configurations, and the elements that are found in both configurations. The compare utility wizard is enhanced to create the comparison report.


  1. From the Administration menu admin_publish_service, select Manage Components and Configurations.
  2. Click the current configuration name, and then click Compare Configuration.
  3. Select Configuration to Compare, which you want to compare with. (Source and target configurations).
  4. Click Print report to create the report of the selected configurations.
  5. Select one of the various following options for creating the report:
    1. Include component properties.
    2. Include folder.
    3. Include artifacts.
    4. Include change sets.
      Note: The change sets included in the report are the ones that are used for the comparison. If an artifact is changed several times, then only the last change set is included in the list of change sets.
  6. Select the output format in the Create report dialog box.
    1. PDF
    2. Word
  7. Click OK.
    • The report is generated. The changes are visible in a special style. The gray elements are old changes and the yellow highlighted changes are new changes that are available in source stream.