Trivial versus non-trivial differences

For a difference in which only one unit differs from the base unit, it is identified as a non‑conflicting difference or trivial difference. Similarly, if both of the units are different from the base contributor but the differences are the same, then it is also a trivial difference. This applies to differences in model elements or differences between the attributes of the model elements.

However, if both units differ from the base unit, this is a non‑trivial or conflicting difference that must be resolved by the developer manually.

When textual differences on both sides of a base-aware comparison can be automatically resolved by Rhapsody DiffMerge, then these differences are not considered to be conflicting differences. A textual attribute can be, for example, a primitive operation, code, or description text. For more information about the ability for Rhapsody DiffMerge to automatically resolve textual differences, see the description for the BaseAwareAutoMergeableAttributes preference and the ItsBody value in TextDiffMerge preferences category.