Shortcuts in Rational Rhapsody

IBM® Rational® Rhapsody® includes various keyboard shortcuts (also known as accelerators).

IBM Rational Rhapsody supports the following types of keyboard interaction: accelerator keys, mnemonics, modifiers, and standard Windows shortcuts.

An accelerator key is a keyboard key (or combination of keys) designated to achieve a specific action. For example, the F6 keyboard key is an accelerator for Zoom to fit of a diagram, whereas Ctrl+A is an accelerator key for Select All. In most cases, the menu option that serves the same purpose as the accelerator lists the corresponding accelerator.

A modifier is a keyboard key applied to a command to slightly modify its behavior or meaning. For example, when using your mouse for resizing a shape in a Rational Rhapsody graphic editor, you can use the Alt key to change the operation behavior from "resize" to "resize without contained."

The accelerator keyboard keys are grouped into three types: application accelerators, accelerators and modifiers within diagrams, and accelerators in the code editor.

Application accelerators

Application accelerators activate menu commands.

Table 1. Application accelerators
Action Shortcut
Accelerators for mapping and navigation
Locate in Browser Ctrl+L
Search in Model Ctrl+F
Show References Ctrl+R
Go F4
Go Event F10
Quit animation Shift+F5
Browser navigation
Expand all Numeric block *
Navigate Numeric lock keys
Build F7
Generate Ctrl+F7
Run Ctrl+F5
Stop Make Execution Ctrl+Break
New Project Ctrl+N
Open Project Ctrl+O
Print Ctrl+P
Redo Ctrl+Y
Save Project Ctrl+S

Although this action typically saves the model, if you are focused on code (for example, using Edit Code), this shortcut saves the file, not the model.

Undo Ctrl+Z
Help definitions for windows and interface elements F1

Accelerators and modifiers within diagrams

Accelerators and modifiers within diagrams assist with drawing activities.

Table 2. Accelerators and modifiers within diagrams
Action Shortcut
Add a new item to a list compartment (for example, the attributes compartment of a class box). Insert

This shortcut works only if you already have a list. It does not work for the first item in a list.

Change the selection anchor Select+Ctrl
Copy Ctrl+C; Ctrl+drag

You can also use this shortcut in the IBM Rational Rhapsody browser.

Create more space in a sequence diagram (with a mouse) Click+Shift and drag the mouse to display a dashed, horizontal bar. Move the bar down to create more space, or move it up to eliminate unnecessary space.
Create or resize elements with a symmetrical shape Shift (while dragging)

Using the corner anchor and Shift creates a "lock aspect ratio" sizing.

Create straight lines and arrows that are parallel to the axis. While you draw lines, press Ctrl.
Cut Ctrl+X
Delete from Model Ctrl+Delete
Insert a new user point in a line or arrow. Ctrl+Click

This shortcut does not apply to rectilinear lines or to sequence diagram messages).

Paste Ctrl+V
Autocompletion Ctrl+Spacebar
Move element with arrow key in arrow direction Arrow (where Arrow can be any Arrow key)
Move element slightly with arrow key in arrow direction Ctrl+Arrow (where Arrow can be any Arrow key)
Move shape in the arrow direction without its contained elements Alt+Arrow (where Arrow can be any Arrow key)
Refresh F5

This shortcut key refreshes the model. However, if you are focused on code (for example, using Edit Code), this shortcut performs a roundtrip.

Remove from View. Delete

Sometimes the Delete key deletes the element from the model, depending on the diagram context (for example, statechart).

Removes the selected (clicked) element from the selection. Select+Shift
Resize box to fit contained. Ctrl+E
Resize without contained elements (with a mouse). While you stretch the shape, press Alt.
Scale from the center of the element (instead of stretching). Scale+Ctrl
Zoom to Fit. F6
Select All. Ctrl+A
Select next shape (by proximity). Ctrl+Alt+N
Undo Zoom. Shift+F6

Accelerators in the code editor

When you use the IBM Rational Rhapsody code editor, you can use both predefined and extended sets of accelerator keys.

To view the list of commands that accelerator keys support, open the Properties window for the code editor and go to the Keyboard tab.