Stages in RFP

An RFx, in which buyer users can create questionnaires to obtain information from suppliers as well as define items for bidding is known as Request for Proposal (RFP).

An RFP (Request For Proposal) is a type of RFx that combines the features of an RFQ and an RFI.

Table 1. Stages in an RFP
# Stages Who does it
1 Create an RFP. Buyer Application Manager
2 Respond to Questionnaires. Supplier users
3 Place bids. Supplier users
4 Analyze the responses received.
Based on the analysis, you can do the following actions:
  • Use the responses for historical data.
  • Choose suppliers for procurement cycle
Members of buyer organization
5 Analyze the bids received. Members of buyer organization
6 Award RFP to one or more suppliers.
Note: If quotes provided are competitive, you can choose to create an English, Dutch, or Japanese auction.
Buyer Application Manager