Discovering an OSLC resource for global configurations

You can discover the value of a configuration URI to support configuration aware document generation.

Before you begin

Refer to the documentation of the configuration provider for specific information needed to complete the OSLC Selection details.

About this task

Document specifications have a data source property that specifies the configuration URI. If this property is defined, an OSLC configuration HTTP header is added to every HTTP GET request made to the data service. This header will be processed by any configuration-capable data service. The global configuration property value may be changed by scripts in the document template during document generation. Rational® Publishing Engine discovers the URL of the OSLC delegated dialog by reading the service provider resource of the configuration service. An embedded web browser displays the OSLC delegated dialog for you to select the configuration.
Note: Rational Publishing Engine 1.3.0 and later supports document generation from CLM environments that are enabled for fine-grained components (for CLM 6.0.3 and later). Configuration for fine-grained components works the same way as for global configurations.

To generate documents in the context of a specific configuration, you must select the desired configuration in the document specification.


  1. In the Document Specification view, right click your data source and select OSLC Configuration Selection. The OSLC Service Discovery and Selection wizard opens.
  2. Specify the Root service document of the configuration provider and click Next.
  3. Select the Restrict search to OSLC Configuration Domain service providers check box to restrict the search to providers and pickers from the OSLC configuration domain.
  4. Select the OSLC Service catalog, Service provider and the OSLC Selection dialog that you want to use.
  5. Select Use external browser only if you encounter problems with the embedded browser in the wizard. Click Next.
    • If you did not select the Use external browser check box, choose the configuration using the embedded browser in the wizard.
      • You must authenticate again when the embedded browser loads the page for the first time.
      • If the full selection of options is not visible, scroll down to find the OK or Select buttons.
    • If you selected the Use external browser check box, choose the configuration in an external browser.
  6. Click OK and click Finish. The selected value is set in the Configuration-Context property of the data source.


You can now generate documents for different configurations. Rational Publishing Engine sends the configuration's URL in a header with each request it makes to the data source. The provider responds with the data matching the selected configuration.

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