Document specifications

A document specification can be created and edited in the Launcher. The document specification defines the document templates, data sources, and the output formats to be used to create a report. Before documents can be generated, templates and data sources must be accessible from the location of the document specification.

A single document specification can use multiple templates or refer to a template more than one time. For each template instance, a data source must be configured separately. The document specification does not package its templates or other resources with the output files. If you move a document specification to a different location or computer, you must move the related templates and resources to a location that is accessible from the new document specification location. The document specification does not affect the data source; it associates the data sources with the template, since the template uses the data source schema rather than the data itself.

Table 1. Document specification elements
Element Description
Metadata Global settings for document generation.
Output The selected output formats. If the output path is not specified, the output is considered to be unconfigured and marked in red. Unique names for each output type are generated in the current user temporary folder.
Templates The list of templates used by the document specification.
Data sources The list of data sources that are configured for the template. Each data source in the document specification matches one data source schema in the template.
Variables The list of variables that are defined in the template. The variables define the values to be used when generating the output.
In addition to defining the template and output formats, you can perform the following actions from the Launcher application:
  • Synchronize the document specification to changes made in the document templates. See Managing synchronization for more details.
  • Generate a set of specified documents.
  • Preview a document. Previewing is faster than normal document generation, because it limits the number of results of all queries to a configurable maximum (the default is up to 10 results for a query).
  • Open the last results window to view the latest generated documents.