Uninstalling Jazz Team Server and the Rational solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management applications

To uninstall Jazz Team Server and the Rational solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) applications, use IBM Installation Manager.

Before you begin

After upgrading all Rational solution for CLM products, you can uninstall previous versions to eliminate any potential conflicts. Before removing your previous versions, it is a good practice to keep a backup copy of all your data and configuration files.

If you used IBM Installation Manager to install the previous release, use the procedure in this topic to remove the previous release. If you used other methods to install the previous version such as using a .zip file, you must manually uninstall and clean up the previous version directories.


  1. Stop the server.
  2. Start IBM® Installation Manager.
    Note: If you used the Non-Administrator option of the Launchpad program when installing the software packages, to uninstall those packages you must use My IBM Installation Manager.
  3. Select the Uninstall wizard.
  4. Choose a package group and the package to uninstall, and follow the instructions on the wizard to complete the uninstall process.
  5. For Rational DOORS Next Generation only. If you installed plug-in components using the Browser Add-Ons web-based installation, uninstall the browser plug-in from within the browser. For additional information about uninstalling from supported browsers, see this article.

What to do next

If you used WebSphere Application Server, complete the following tasks:
  1. Log on to the WebSphere Integrated Solutions Console.
  2. Click Applications > Application Types > WebSphere enterprise applications.
  3. Select the check box next to each installed application and click Uninstall.
  4. Ensure that you delete all custom properties that you have previously added:
    1. Navigate to Servers > Server Types > WebSphere application servers > Server1 > Process definition > Java Virtual Machine > Custom properties.
    2. Select the check box next to JAZZ_HOME, java.awt.headless, log4j.configuration, SQLSERVER_JDBC_DRIVER_FILE (if you connected to an SQL Server database), ORACLE_JDBC_DRIVER_FILE (if you connected to an Oracle database) and click Delete.
  5. Ensure that you delete all temporary files and directories in the WebSphere Application Server profile:
    1. Go to WASInstallDir/profiles/AppSrv01/temp/machine name/server1 and delete the application_war directory.
    2. Go to WASInstallDir/profiles/AppSrv01/temp/wscache and delete the application_war directory.
Note: If you modify the installed packages by removing features and functions, you must manually delete package directories. For example, if you remove Change and Configuration Management application to move to another machine, after the feature removal is complete manually delete JazzInstallDir/server/conf/ccm.