Backing up and restoring IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) applications

You can use the repotools command-line tool to back up and restore ELM servers.

About this task


  1. Back up the Jazz Foundation Service indexes and work item indexes:
    1. To back up the resource description framework (RDF), text indices, and work item indices, run the -backupJFSIndexes repository tools command. For more information, see Repository tools command to back up Jazz Foundation Service indexes.
  2. For WebSphere Liberty, create a full copy of the Liberty installation directory. The application configuration files are in these folders:

    Some of the files inside these folders are modified during the setup process and during operation, and should be included in the backup procedure. The following files are typically modified during the setup:


    If you are using the built-in local user authentication, also back up the user registry file:


    If you provide a server certificate, include it in your backup. You can find information about the storage location of your certificate in the server.xml file. The element keyStore contains a location property that provides the file location. If this shows a file or a relative path, the default location for the file is:

  3. For WebSphere® Application Server, run the backupConfig script for WebSphere Application Server. This script is located in the websphere_install_directory/bin directory. Because security is enabled for your server, run the script with the -user administrator_username and -password administrator_password options with the user name and password of the server administrator. By default, running the script creates a .zip file of your WebSphere configuration in the websphere_install_directory/bin directory.

    For more information about the backupConfig script, see the WebSphere Application Server documentation.

  4. Back up the repository information from the database.
  5. Back up the configuration directories: JazzInstallDir/server/conf/app
  6. To restore the server from a backup:
    1. Restore the configuration directory from your backup to JazzInstallDir/server/conf/app.
    2. Restore the Jazz Foundation Service index files from the .zip file by using the -restoreJFSIndexes repository tools command.
    3. Restore the server configuration files.
      • For WebSphere Application Server, run the restoreConfig script, specifying the backup configuration file that you made. For more information about the restoreConfig command, see the WebSphere Application Server documentation.
    4. Restore the database.