Configuring email settings

You can configure the server to send email notifications to work item owners and subscribers to inform them of changes. You can also configure the server to send email messages that invite users to join teams. This capability is disabled by default.


  1. Log in to the Administration page of the Jazz® Team Server. Point your web browser to https://[fully qualified hostname]:9443/jts/admin
    Remember: The [fully qualified hostname] is the host name along with the DNS domain reference of the machine on which the Jazz Team Server is installed.
  2. On the Administration page, click the Server tab.
  3. In the Configuration pane, click E-mail Settings.
  4. On the E-mail Settings page, complete the following fields:
    1. In the Enable E-mail Notification field, select true from the list.

      This property is the global switch for enabling and disabling email notifications.

    2. In the SMTP Server field, type the server name. For example,
    3. In the SMTP Server Port field, type the port to use for the SMTP server.

      Typically, 25 is the default port number.

    4. In the SMTP Username field, type the user name that the Jazz server uses to authenticate with the SMTP server.

      If no credentials are needed, you can leave the user name and password blank.

    5. In the SMTP Password field, type the password for SMTP authentication.
  5. Optional: To restrict email notifications to a specified list of users:
    1. In the Restrict to Whitelist field, select true from the list.

      By setting this property to true, you can restrict the email addresses that are allowed to receive notifications. The actual list of allowed email addresses is specified using the Whitelist property. Enabling this property without defining a whitelist will result in no e-mails being sent.

    2. In the Whitelist field, type the email addresses that can receive notifications.

      You can use wildcard characters to specify patterns in which an asterisk (*) matches any number of characters and a question mark (?) matches a single character. For example, *@?? matches and, but does not match

  6. Provide a current value for the following fields:
    1. In the E-mail From Address field, type the sender email address for email notifications, for example,
    2. In the E-mail From Name field, type the sender user name for email notifications.
    3. In the SMTP Reply Address field, type the address that receives email notification replies.
    4. In the Use STARTTLS field, select true from the list to issue a STARTTLS command before authentication.

      Setting this value to true initiates a secure SMTP connection between Jazz Team Server and the SMTP server.

  7. Click Save.
  8. Click Send Test Email to test the connection.
    Note: For SMTP server connection troubleshooting tips, see Troubleshooting the SMTP server.