Planning to install on UNIX and Linux systems

This topic provides information about installing IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management products on UNIX and Linux® systems.

Important: If you use a system startup script such as /etc/init.d/was or /etc/rc.*/SXXWebSphere to start WebSphere® Application Server at system boot up time, init.d invokes the startup scripts with the maximum number of file descriptors set to 1024 instead of the system default value that is set in /etc/security/limits.conf (65536). To avoid this problem, add the command ulimit -n 65536 to the top of your startup script. This ensures that WebSphere Application Server is started with the correct file descriptor limit.


  • Before you can install and run Jazz® products on Linux systems, you must increase the limit of open files and user processes:
    1. As a root user add the following lines to the /etc/security/limits.conf file:
      * hard nofile 65536 
      * soft nofile 65536
      * hard nproc 10000
      * soft nproc 10000
    2. If you are using REHL7, ensure that the nproc value in /etc/security/limits.d/20-nproc.conf is set to 10000.
    3. Restart the Linux system after the configuration files are modified.
    4. An individual user can increase the limits within a running shell with the following commands:
      ulimit -n 65536
      ulimit -u 10000
      • If these commands are used, start the Jazz Team Server launchpad program or IBM Installation Manager from the same shell to inherit the modified limits.
      • After these settings have been applied, reindex the server to fix any possible corrupted server indexes:
        • For Jazz Team Server, enter JazzInstallDir/server/repotools-jts -reindex
  • If Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) is enabled, you must disable it or change the security context of the Java™ Runtime Environment (JRE) to allow text relocation. For more information, see Installing with Security-Enhanced Linux.
  • The Jazz Team Server installation path names must not contain spaces. The startup script (JazzInstallDir/server/server.startup) and the repository tools script (JazzInstallDir/server/ detect and report this problem.
  • You must have the GTK x32 libraries available in your Linux system to be able to open the IBM Installation Manager link from the launchpad program. For more information, see this article on
  • If you are installing IBM Db2® database on Linux, set the shmmax to 1GB.
  • When running the Jazz Team Server, there are logs and other files that can be modified and written in the Jazz installation directory. For all users to be able to write to the installation directory, you must manually grant write permissions to the JazzInstallDir.
  • For information about resolving an error that occurs when starting the Requirements Management server in headless mode on Linux, see Deploying and starting the server.
  • If you are using reports with Engineering Requirements Management DOORS® Next, you must have permission to write to the /tmp/rrc_reports directory.
  • The Change and Configuration Management application Content Service uses /tmp/contentservice as the default location for content temporary directory. Make sure the Linux service tmpwatch is not set to remove the /tmp directory. For information about changing the default directory in the Advanced Properties section of the Server Administration page, see Tip: Troubleshooting the error 'CRJAZ1247I' when checking files into Jazz Source Control.
  • By default Redhat 7 firewall settings block public hosts from connecting to already listening ports, such as 80, 9080, or 9443. To open a blocked port on RHEL 7, you can use the iptables and firewall-cmd commands. For instructions, see the Linux documentation.


  • Before you can install and run Jazz products on your IBM AIX® system, you must increase the limit of open files:
    1. Start smit.
    2. Go to Security & Users > Users > Change/Show Characteristics of a User.
    3. Enter the User ID under which the Jazz Team Server is running.
    4. Enter a value of 65536 in the Soft NOFILE descriptors and Hard NOFILE descriptors fields.
    5. Enter a value of 10000 in the Soft NPROC per user and Hard NPROC per user fields.
    6. Logout and log back in to the system.
    7. Before starting the server, run ulimit -n to see if the configuration took effect. The output must be 65536.
    8. Before starting the server, run ulimit -u to see if the configuration took effect. The output must be 10000.
  • Unless you plan to perform a silent installation, a supported browser is required to install the products with a graphical user interface and IBM Installation Manager. For information about silent installations, see Installing by using command-line commands.
  • The browser must be included in the $PATH environment variable. If the program for IBM Installation Manager cannot find the browser, an error message will be displayed.
  • You must install the Jazz Team Server from a full console login to the AIX system. Installation from an X Window session other than a graphical console login session can cause IBM Installation Manager to stop responding.
  • After the Jazz Team Server is installed, ensure that write permission is granted to the JazzInstallDir.