Importing a template

You can import a work item template into your project area so that you can use the template to create work items.

Before you begin

An XML file that specifies the template in a valid format is required. See for details about the file format.

Be careful when you import a template that was created in another project area because attachments, users, and other values that are not contained in the template will be invalid. The Import wizard warns you in such cases and might not succeed. For more information about importing work item templates, see

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  1. In the Eclipse client, click File > Import.
    The Import wizard opens.
  2. On the Select page, expand Team and select Work Item Template. Click Next.
  3. On the Choose an XML file page of the wizard, select a project area from the Project Area list. For the File field, click Browse and navigate to the template XML file to import. Click Finish.
    The template XML file is imported into the default project area.

What to do next

You can now use the template that you imported to create new work items.