Installing Engineering Insights

Learn how to install IBM Engineering Lifecycle Optimization - Engineering Insights (ENI). With the interactive installation guide, you can build a set of instructions to fit your environment.

You can install ENI with the Engineering Lifecycle Management launchpad. If you use the ELM web installer, ENI is available in the IBM Installation Manager ELM repository.

Note: ENI requires the following Jazz® Reporting Service components: Report Builder and Lifecycle Query Engine. Ensure that you install and configure these applications.

Use the following links to learn how to install the product:

  1. Installation overview includes links to all installation information resources.
  2. Plan the deployment and installation.
  3. Read the Release notes.
  4. Use the Interactive installation guide to build a set of instructions to fit your installation environment.
  • If you use the default database and user registry, run the Express® setup wizard, which is a simplified version of the wizard.
  • If you use an enterprise database, LDAP user registries, or if you want to deploy the applications in a distributed topology, run the Custom setup wizard. This setup option is typically used for production environments.