Establishing friend relationships

You can establish friend relationships with another Jazz® Team Server or an IBM® Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) application by providing the location information of the friend and an OAuth secret code phrase.

About this task

Adding a friend relationship allows you to specify other Jazz-based servers with which you want to establish server-to-server communication. Enter the location information of another Jazz Team Server or ELM application and a code phrase to use as the OAuth secret. Then request access to that server to create an OAuth consumer key and store the information in the friends list. After the OAuth key is authorized by the other server, this server will be able to interact with the other Jazz Team Server or ELM application.
Note: When Jazz Security Architecture single sign-on (SSO) authentication is enabled and the friend applications are registered with the same Jazz Authorization Server, use this procedure only to add the location information for each Jazz application. In such a deployment, instead of using OAuth consumer keys, the friend relationship is established by using the OpenID Connect (OIDC) authentication protocol. OIDC authentication is simpler than OAuth authentication because no OAuth consumer key is involved and therefore, no approval of a provisional consumer key is required.


  1. Log in to the Administration page of the Jazz Team Server or an application registered with the server.
    • For the Jazz Team Server:
      1. Point your web browser to https://fully_qualified_hostname:port_number/jts/admin
        Remember: The fully_qualified_hostname is the host name along with the DNS domain reference of the machine on which the Jazz Team Server is installed.
    • For an application registered with the Jazz Team Server:
      1. Point your web browser to https://fully_qualified_hostname:port_number/application/admin to access the application.
  2. In the Communication section, click Friends (Outbound).
  3. On the Friends page, in the Friends List section, click Add.
    The Add Friend wizard opens.
  4. In the Add Friend wizard, complete the following steps:
    1. In the first step:
      • In the Root Services URI field, provide the URI for root services on the server you want to add as a friend. Typically, the URI should be of the form, https://fully_qualified_hostname:port_number/application/rootservices.
        Note: For IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS® (DOORS), enter https://fully_qualified_hostname:port_number/dwa/public/rootservices.
      • The Name field is used to identify the friend application and is automatically filled. Enter a different name if you wish to change the existing one.
    2. Click Next to continue.
    3. In the second step:
      • In the OAuth Secret and Re-type Secret fields, enter an OAuth secret code phrase to associate with the new OAuth consumer key. This string can contain one or more words and special characters, and cannot exceed 50 characters. This string is never displayed in the user interface, and you do not enter this string again. This string, also called an OAuth consumer secret, acts as a password to access the friend server.
      • Select the Trusted check box.
      • This step is displayed only if you are configuring OAuth friends. If one or both of the friend applications have Jazz Security Architecture SSO enabled and are registered with the same Jazz Authorization Server, this step doesn't appear.
      • Trusted consumers can share authorization with other trusted consumers and do not require user approval to access data.
    4. Click Create Friend.
      A confirmation message opens.
    5. Click Next to approve the provisional OAuth consumer key.
      Note: If you do not have administrator permissions on the targeted application server, work with a member of that administrator group to get approval for provisional OAuth consumer keys.
    6. In the Authorize Provisional Key step, click the link Grant access for the provisional key.
    7. Optional: To associate a functional user ID with the consumer key, if a functional user is required, click Select User. In the Select User dialog box, enter the user ID of the pre-defined application user (such as ccm_user, qm_user, rm_user, or dm_user). Click Clear User to clear the selected user.
    8. Click Approve.
      A confirmation message appears.
    9. Click Finish.

What to do next

After you approve the access request, repeat this procedure for other servers so that they can access this Jazz Team Server.

The Friends List on the Friends page lists the servers with which you have established friend relationships.

Note: If you add a friend entry to a server in another application group and want to add widgets from that friend server to your mini dashboard on the current server, then you must add that same friend entry to all applications in this application group. This is because the mini dashboard can be rendered on any application, so there must be a friend relationship from each application to the destination server.