Creating encrypted password files

You can create an encrypted password file that you can use with the Engineering Workflow Management Build toolkit Ant tasks or to start the Jazz® Build Engine.


  1. From a command line, navigate to installdir/buildsystem/buildengine/eclipse, where installdir is the Build System Toolkit installation directory.
  2. Type jbe -createPasswordFile pass.txt.
    Note: pass.txt can be any file name.
  3. When prompted, type the password. The password is encrypted and stored in a pass.txt file that is located in the Build System Toolkit installation directory
    Note: The password file is not strongly encrypted. Any user with access to the file can potentially decrypt it. Set appropriate operating system file permissions on the password file to prevent access from anyone other than the user running the Jazz Build Engine and the Ant tasks. The main benefit of using a password file instead of the password command line argument (for the Jazz Build Engine) or password attribute (for Ant tasks) is to avoid the password being repeated in the clear in build scripts, and the shell history.


Now, instead of specifying passwords in plain text, you can specify an encrypted password file. For example:
<startBuildActivity repositoryAddress="${repositoryAddress}"