Adding associations

You can create an association between a project area and another project area or another type of artifact container, such as a ClearQuest user database. After you establish an association, you can link an artifact, such as a work item, development plan, test case, or requirements collection, in one project area to an artifact in the other project area or other type of artifact container.

Before you begin

The target of an association can be a project area in the same application, or an artifact container, such as another project area, in a different application. If the artifact containers belong to applications that are registered to different Jazz® Team Servers, you must configure cross-server communication.

About this task

Associations represent relationships between the project area and artifact containers, such as project areas, in other applications. Establishing associations for the project area enables linking between artifacts in this project area and artifacts made accessible by the target project area or other artifact container.


  1. Navigate to the project area in the administrative web interface. See Logging in for project administrators and team leads (web).
  2. On the Overview tab of the project area, scroll to the Associations section.
    1. Click Add.
    2. In the Application drop-down list, select a target application.
    3. In the Association drop-down list, select the type of artifacts for which you want to establish links. To specify that the project area can use artifacts from, and can create artifacts within, the target artifact container, select an association that has the Uses prefix. To specify that artifacts provided by the project area can be created from the target artifact container and associated with artifacts within the target artifact container, select an association that has the Provides prefix.
    4. In the Artifact Containers list, select the target project area, or other artifact container, with which you want to link this project area.
    5. Click OK.
  3. Click Save to save your changes to the project area.