Deploying new BIRT or EDG report resources

To use updated report resources that are based on a BIRT or Engineering Document Generation design file after you upgrade IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM), you must deploy the corresponding report resources to your existing projects. You can use either the web application or the Eclipse client to deploy the resources.

Deploying new report resources using the web application

In the web application, you can distribute report resources that exist in one project or team area to another project or team area. Both predefined and custom reports can be easily shared and updated across project areas. When you make changes to the original report resource, the associated report resources in other project or team areas will be updated.


  1. Click Reports > Browse > Report Resources.
  2. Click the Deploy New Resources icon Deploy New Resources icon at the upper right of the Report Resources view.
  3. In the Select source to deploy from list, select either Provided by application or another project on the server.
    The Provided by application reports are the predefined reports that are available with the standard installation of ELM applications.
  4. In the Select resources to deploy list, select the report resources that you want updated in your project area.
  5. In the Select project or team area to deploy resources to, select the target project or team area containing the reports to be updated.
  6. Click Deploy.
    The newly deployed report resource shares its contents and files with the source report. The report resources will be updated automatically by the link to the original report resource in the source project, or the report provided by the application.

Deploying new report resources using the Eclipse client

In the IBM Engineering Workflow Management Eclipse client, you can add new report resources to the list of deployed report resources in a project or team area. After you add the resources, you can create reports based on the resources.


  1. In the Team Artifacts view, expand the Reports node under your project area.
  2. Right-click Report Resources and click Deploy New Resources.
    Deploy New Resources option is highlighted
  3. In the Select a Project Area or Team Area window, navigate to and select the project or team area where you want to deploy the new reports.
  4. Click Next. In the Report templates to deploy window, all report templates that are not currently deployed to the project or team area that you selected are displayed and selected.
  5. Select the report resources ("templates") that you want to deploy.
  6. Click OK to deploy the new templates.
  7. To create reports based on the new deployed templates, expand the Shared Reports folder.
  8. Right-click the folder to create the report in and select New > Report.
  9. Select the report template and click OK.
    A report with the same name as the report template is created in the selected folder.
  10. Repeat steps 8-9 for each new report template for which you want to create a report.