Repository tools command to update the Requirements Management application configuration files

Use the migration_rm_updateConfigurationFiles command to update migration configuration files.


The migration_rm_updateConfigurationFiles command updates the configuration files to a new version.

Use this command in an environment where the upgrade wrapper script cannot be used. The upgrade wrapper script includes this command and automates some of the manual steps. For information about the upgrade process and to generate an upgrade guide, see Interactive upgrade guide.

  • Before you run the command, you must shut down the server.
  • This command must be run with the repotools-rm command.
  • If your paths contain spaces, enclose them in double quotation marks.


Attribute Description Required Default
noPrompt A parameter that prevents prompting for non-required values. No N/A
oldApplicationHome The full path to the Requirements Management home directory in the previous installation. For a typical installation, this path is RM_installation/server/conf. Yes N/A
applicationContextRoot The Requirements Management context root. No rm
oldJTSContextRoot The Jazz® Team Server context root of the old installation. No jts
db.jdbc.location The path to the Requirements Management database location. No none
db.jdbc.password The JDBC database password. No N/A
updateAppServerFiles By default, this option is set to yes to update the Tomcat configuration files when migrating to Liberty. Set this parameter to no if you are using WebSphere Application Server. No yes
newApplicationHome The full path to the Requirements Management configuration directory in the new version. No conf
newJTSHome The path to Jazz Team Server configuration directory in the new version. By default, the newJTSHome parameter value is derived from the newApplicationHome parameter value. No none
jtsContextRoot The Jazz Team Server context root for the new version. No jts
jtsURL Jazz Team Server public URL. No none
ignoreJTSVersionCheck An argument that indicates that the upgrade process will not verify whether the application version is compatible with the Jazz Team Server version that is at the newJTSHome parameter. Use this argument only in a distributed deployment where Jazz Team Server is on a separate system that is inaccessible from the application system. No N/A
oldApplicationVersion The version of the Requirements Management application that is being upgraded. No none
logFile The path to the log file. No repotools-jts_rm_updateConfogurationFiles.log
oldApplicationTomcatHome Full path to the Tomcat root directory in the old installation. Must be an existing directory. By default, the oldApplicationTomcatHome parameter is derived from the oldApplicationHome parameter value. This parameter must be provided for migrating from Apache Tomcat to WebSphere Liberty and if Apache Tomcat was installed in a different directory than default. No N/A


Open a command prompt and enter this command:

cd C:\Program Files\IBM\JazzTeamServer\server\
repotools-jts.bat -migration_rm_updateConfigurationFiles oldApplicationHome="C:\Program Files\IBM\OLD_VERSION_RM\server\conf"

Open a command line and enter this command:

cd opt/IBM/JazzTeamServer/server/
./ -migration_rm_updateConfigurationFiles oldApplicationHome=opt/IBM/OLD_VERSION_RM/server/conf