Comparing configurations in the QM application

In the Quality Management (QM) application, you can compare the currently selected configuration to another configuration in the project. This comparison provides a summary of test artifacts that have changed and gives you the option to merge differences between configurations.

About this task

When you compare two configurations in the project area, the Compare Configuration window shows an aggregate summary of the differences for each supported artifact type. If you hover over an artifact type in the summary, additional information is shown that describes the state of the artifact: only in the target configuration, only in the source configuration, or different between both configurations.

When you select an artifact type that contains differences, a list of the individual artifacts is displayed. For each artifact that contains differences in both configurations, you can click the Action menu to see a detailed artifact-level comparison between the source and the target configuration. Artifacts with differences only in the source or target configuration do not show detailed comparisons. This is because differences that exist only in the target or source configuration represent unique artifacts in those configurations.

When you compare a stream with a baseline, you can also choose to merge differences to the target stream. However, you cannot merge differences from another stream to the target stream.


  1. On the menu bar, click the current configuration.
    The current configuration is the target of any changes that result from a merge operation.
  2. Under Local Configuration, click Compare Configuration.
    Tip: To proceed directly to a merge operation without comparing changes, click Merge Configuration. For more information about how to merge differences between configurations, see Merging configurations in the QM application.
  3. Select a configuration to compare with the current configuration.
    Tip: You can set the View As option to Baselines or Streams to filter the list of available configurations.

    You can compare baselines or streams with your current configuration. However, you can only accept changes from a baseline. The current configuration becomes the target of any merged content from the source baseline that you are comparing it to.

  4. Optional: To narrow the comparison results to a test plan and all its associated test artifacts in the two configurations, click Next and select a test plan.
  5. Click Finish.
    If there are differences between configurations, a summary view shows the total number of changes across test artifacts. You can hover over each changed artifact type to see a description of where the changes exist.
  6. Optional: To filter the results by status, click the Filter comparison results by icon (Filter comparison results by); then, select one or more comparison states.
  7. Optional: To view additional details about changed artifacts, complete the following steps:
    1. Click an artifact type that contains one or more differences.
      A list of the changed artifacts is displayed.
    2. Hover over an artifact in the list, click the Action menu, and select Show Details of <x> Comparison, where x is the name of the artifact to review.
    The Comparison editor opens with an annotated table of contents that indicates each section that contains a change. Moved, removed, and added sections are also indicated. If you click a section, the contents of the test artifacts are shown for both the active configuration and the configuration that you are comparing against. The details of the changes are annotated.
  8. Optional: To begin a merge operation, click Begin Merging.
    For more information about how to merge differences between configurations, see Merging configurations in the QM application, beginning at step 4.
  9. To close the Comparison editor, click Close.