Overview of Rhapsody Model Manager

Rhapsody® Model Manager is a web-based solution that integrates with Rhapsody and OSLC Jazz-based tools to provide lifecycle traceability for models, wider availability of models to stakeholders by making them available on the web, and source control / configuration management. This Architectural Management (AM) solution enables models to be first-class participants in the development lifecycle.

Rhapsody Model Manager is the Architectural Management (AM) solution in IBM® Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM). These solutions integrate IBM Engineering products to provide a complete set of applications for software or systems development.

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Rhapsody Model Manager provides you with the following capabilities:

For a demonstration of the capabilities of Rhapsody Model Manager, see the Rhapsody Model Manager tutorial.

Migration from Rational Rhapsody Design Manager

Rhapsody includes a wizard for migration of existing Rational Rhapsody Design Manager projects to Rhapsody Model Manager.