Merging configurations in the QM application

In the Quality Management (QM) application, you can merge test artifacts from baselines to streams. Streams are configurations that can change, whereas baselines are configurations that do not. You can merge content from a static baseline to a stream to incorporate changes that were made in another version or variant of your test assets.

Before you begin

  • The project must be enabled for configuration management capabilities.
  • To merge artifacts from a baseline into a stream, you must have permission to merge configurations. When you merge, you choose which changes to merge into the stream.
  • To replace all changed artifacts in a stream with those from a baseline, you must have permission to restore from a baseline. For more information, see Allowing a team member to restore from a baseline during a merge operation.
  • To exclude test case and test suite results when you merge into a stream, set the corresponding configuration management preference. You might exclude them if the test results from one project do not matter to another project.


  1. Open a stream that you want to be the target of any merged differences. You cannot select a baseline as the target of a merge.
    For information about how to switch configurations, see Selecting a configuration to work in.
  2. On the menu bar, click the current configuration.
    The current configuration is the target of any changes that result from a merge operation.
  3. Under Local Configuration, click Merge Configuration.
  4. If your role has the permissions to restore from a baseline, select your merge option and then click OK.
    • Custom merge: Select this option to control which changes to accept from the source configuration, and manually merge any conflicting changes. This merge option is the preferred option, and is useful if you want to skip a merge or merge conflicting changes manually.
    • Restore from baseline: Select this option to automatically accept all the changes and additions from the source configuration and apply them to the target configuration. Artifacts that exist only in the target configuration are not altered or removed. You can review the changes before you commit them. This option is useful if you want to replace the shared content in the target configuration with changes and new content from a baseline configuration.
    Users without the permissions to restore from a baseline proceed automatically to a custom merge operation. For more information about the required permissions for restoring from a baseline, see Allowing a team member to restore from a baseline during a merge operation.
  5. If you selected Restore from baseline, complete the following steps to restore the target configuration:
    1. To review the results from the restore operation, select the artifact types with differences. You can then select one or more individual artifacts, click the Action menu, and select Show Details of <Test Artifact> Comparison.
    2. To save the changes to your target configuration, click Commit.
    3. To cancel the merge operation, click Close.
    After you click Commit, the artifact changes are saved to the target configuration and the merge operation is complete.
  6. If your role does not have the Restore From Baseline permission, or if you selected the custom merge option, a comparison editor opens that shows a summary of each test artifact in that type. To complete a merge operation, in the summary, select a type of artifact with changes and complete any of the following steps:
    1. Optional: To accept all non-conflicting changes for the artifacts listed, click the Accept all non-conflicting <arifact types> icon (Accept all non-conflicting artifacts).
      The center column displays an arrow decoration, which indicates that these artifacts are pending to be merged when you click the icon. Artifacts that display an exclamation icon in the center column will not be automatically merged.
    2. Select one or more artifacts, click the Action menu, and then select a merge option:
      • Replace with source: Select this option to replace content with the changes from the source configuration.
      • Manually Merge: Select this option to open a detailed comparison between the source and target configurations of an individual artifact. You can review and accept differences or make manual edits. When you are finished, save your changes.

        For more information about the actions you can perform on target artifacts during a manual merge, see Manual merges.

      • Keep target version: Select this option to reject changes from the source configuration.


As the merge operation proceeds, the merge status, the number of items to merge, and the success merging individual artifacts is indicated.