Introduction to the Internet of Things Continuous Engineering Solution

The IBM® Internet of Things Continuous Engineering Solution (IoT) is a collection of IBM applications that help teams manage the complexity of developing smart, connected products by applying continuous engineering principles. The solution runs in the cloud or on premises, and includes tightly integrated tools that cover the systems and software development lifecycle, including requirements management, modeling and simulation, quality management, configuration management and collaborative workflow planning and management.
Continuous engineering includes practices for achieving more agile, sustainable engineering improvements in the new age of the Internet of Things:
Engineering insight
Use integrated tools and lightweight data integration to break down the silos of information that can prevent project teams from making rapid, optimal design decisions that continuously drive the design in the right direction.
Continuous verification
Shift traditional end-of-cycle verification (and validation) as early as possible, and repeat them often to build in quality from the beginning.
Strategic reuse
Intelligently reuse product engineering artifacts; go beyond "clone and own" approaches and make use of true configuration management within and across engineering tools. Implement product line engineering to maximize your reuse potential.

Main components of the solution

The following functions and products are available in the solution:
Requirements definition and management with Rational® DOORS® or Rational DOORS Next Generation
Solicit, engineer, document, and trace requirements. Help your stakeholders define what they need to obtain their goals, and help your teams deliver efficiently when change inevitably occurs.
Modeling and simulation with Rational Rhapsody® Design Manager or Rhapsody Model Manager
Use visual modeling to validate requirements, to derive architectures, and to build embedded and real-time software. Rhapsody Model Manager is the latest in design management technology that enables teams to architect, design, and develop systems and software in an iterative and collaborative way.
Scaled agile planning and coordination at the team, project, program and portfolio levels with Rational Team Concert®
Integrate planning and execution, automate workflows, and manage change across diverse engineering disciplines and development teams.
Verification, testing, and quality management with Rational Quality Manager
Use collaborative quality planning, automated testing, and defect management to achieve quality by design.
Managing complex engineering data across various tools with Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager
Unlock engineering knowledge distributed across multiple applications to gain collective insight into the product lifecycle management data.

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