Deploying and starting Jazz Authorization Server

After you complete the prerequisite tasks, deploy and start the Jazz™ Authorization Server.
Restriction: Jazz Authorization Server is not supported to be used with basic authentication.
Note: Jazz Authorization Server is bundled with the Apache Derby database, but setting up a cluster of Jazz Authorization Server only supports enterprise databases such as Db2, Oracle, or SQL Server.

After you configure a user registry, create a self-signed security certificate and keystore configuration for the Jazz Authorization Server, and make any other customizations to the WebSphere Liberty profile, deploy and start the server.

Verify that the Jazz Authorization Server is running

To verify that the server is running, complete either of the next steps:
  • Open a web browser and go to the following URL:

A JSON document that contains configuration parameters (mainly endpoint URLs) is displayed.

Verify that the user registry is configured correctly

To verify that the user registry is configured correctly, complete the next steps.
  1. Open a web browser and go to the following URL:

    You are prompted for login credentials.

  2. Specify the authentication credentials of a user in your user registry who has Jazz administrative privileges. Assuming that no applications are registered, a small JSON document is displayed.

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