Installing the Rational Team Concert Eclipse client from a .zip file

The client is distributed as a downloadable .zip file.

About this task

Note: If Security-Enhanced Linux® (SELinux) is enabled, you must disable it or change the security context of the Java™ Runtime Environment (JRE) to allow text relocation. For more information, see Installing with Security-Enhanced Linux.


  1. On the download page under Plain Zips, download Client for Eclipse IDE for your platform.
    Note: If you want to install the client into an existing Eclipse workbench, use IBM Installation Manager. It prompts you for the workbench that you want to extend and takes care of managing future workbench updates, rollbacks, and modifications.
  2. Extract the .zip file to an installation directory of your choice (for example, /opt/IBM/ on Linux or c:\IBM on Windows). Relative to the installation directory you choose, the client path is JazzInstallDir/client.
  3. Start the client. On Windows, double-click the eclipse.exe application in the directory JazzInstallDir\client\eclipse . On Linux, execute the eclipse file in the directory JazzInstallDir/client/eclipse.
  4. Connect to the server.
    The easiest way to connect to a server is using the Team Invitation. If you do not have an invitation, you can connect manually.
    1. Click File > Accept team invitation. The wizard guides you through the process.
      Note: If you do not have an invitation, you need the URI or URL from your server admin. (An example format is Click the connecting to an existing project area hyperlink that appears in the lower right corner of the Accept Team Invitation window.
    2. Follow the instructions in the wizard to set up your connection.

What to do next

Troubleshooting: Here are some suggested problem management techniques.
  • Start with an empty workspace.
  • The client and the server builds must match. Make sure that the build ID matches for both the client and server distributions.
  • Make sure that the server is running. Confirm by using the status URL, for example:
  • On Linux, if you want to start the client from outside of the directory JazzInstallDir/client/eclipse you must change each file in JazzInstallDir/client/eclipse/links/ and include the absolute path to the named directory. By default, relative paths are used. For example, JazzInstallDir/client/eclipse/links/ contains the text "path=jazz/build". If your client is installed in the directory /home/username/teamconcert, edit the file to look like "path=/home/username/teamconcert/jazz/client/eclipse/build".