Finding and resolving conflicts

Conflicts can occur whenever a component is being modified in multiple workspaces. Rational Team Concert source control provides tools for finding and resolving these conflicts.

About this task

When Rational Team Concert source control detects that the same file exists in an outgoing change set and an incoming change set, it recognizes that a potential conflict exists and places orange icon overlays Potential conflict overlay icon beside the Outgoing and Incoming folders that include the conflict. A conflict is classified as a potential conflict until you accept the change set that contains it. You cannot deliver a change set that includes a potential conflict. If you accept a change set that includes a potential conflict, the potential conflict is realized, and must be resolved in your workspace.


  1. In the Pending Changes view, navigate to the change set in the component's Incoming folder.
    When you select a file in the Incoming change set, the conflicting file in the Outgoing change set is highlighted.
  2. To review the potential conflicts, right-click each file that has the potential conflict icon (Potential conflict overlay icon) beside it and click Open in Compare Editor.
  3. After you review the differences, take one of the following actions:
    • To accept the incoming change set that contains the potential conflict, right-click it and click Accept. The Potential conflict overlay icon overlays are replaced with Conflict overlay icon overlays, non-conflicting files in the change set are accepted into your workspace, and the potential conflicts become actual conflicts, which you must resolve.
    • To suspend the outgoing change set, right-click it and click Suspend. For more information about suspending change sets, see Suspending change sets.
    • To permanently remove the change that is causing the conflict, right-click the file in the outgoing change set and click Undo.
    • To discard the entire outgoing change set, right-click it and click Discard. For more information about discarding change sets, see Discarding change sets from workspaces.

What to do next

If you chose to Accept in step 3, you must resolve the conflict. As soon as you accept a conflicting change set, the conflicting files in it are moved to the Unresolved folder for the component and you are prompted to resolve the conflicts. Your options for resolving a conflict depend on the type of the conflict and the extent of the differences.