Configuring code review for a project area

To configure the code review tool for a project area, add the code review presentation to the work item types that your team uses to contribute code to your project.


  1. On the Application Administration page of the web client, click the Project Areas tab.
  2. On the Active Project Areas page, click the project area that you want to configure.
  3. Click Work Items, then click Editor Presentations.
  4. Select an editor in the Choose the Editor Presentation to edit field.
  5. Select the editor presentation that is named Approvals and click Add Presentation icon, the Add Presentation icon. Add Presentation icon location
    Note: You are warned that the Approvals tab is shared by other editor presentations. Any changes that you make to this tab are reflected in all work item types that have an approvals tab. The code review presentation is only populated when at least one change set is added to the work item and an approval of type review is added to the work item.
  6. Click OK.
  7. In the Add Presentation window, select Non-Attribute-based Presentation.
  8. In the Kind field, select Code Review Summary.
  9. In the Label field, type Code Review and click OK.
  10. Click Save to save your changes to the project area.


Your project is configured for code review. The code review presentation is added to a work item's Approvals section. In a work item, it can show a code review in progress, list the change sets, target stream, and issue status. It can also present a list of files in the change sets where you can see who reviewed a specific file, along with links to currently open must-fix issues.

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