Creating diagrams in the RM application

Use the diagram editor to quickly create graphical representations of artifacts by dragging shapes from a palette onto a canvas. Unlike with plug-in-based graphical artifacts, you can create diagrams on all platforms without installing a browser plug-in.

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To create a diagram using the diagram editor, create a new artifact with an artifact format of Diagram. When you edit the diagram, a palette appears from which you can drag general shapes such as rectangles, circles, and arrows, as well as shapes for flowcharts, use case diagrams, business process models, UML diagrams, and data flow diagrams.

Use the toolbar menu or the shape and line context menus to perform the following tasks.
  • Align groups of selected shapes in different positions on the canvas:
    Align menu
  • Create comments on shapes:
    Create Comment menu option
  • Create links between shapes and other requirement artifacts:
    Add Link menu option
  • Set shape and line properties, such as such as font, alignment, background color, line style, and rounding:
    Properties dialog box
  • Download diagrams as PNG files:
    Download as PNG File menu option

Similar to most artifacts in the Requirements Management application, you can insert diagrams into other artifacts in the project.

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