Reversing change sets

Reversing a change set removes the changes captured in a change set. The reverse operation on a change set creates a patch. When you merge the patch into your workspace, the changes made to the selected change set are removed and a new change set is created. You can now deliver this change set to reverse the changes in the workspace flow target.

About this task

You can reverse either the accepted or outgoing change sets. Although you can reverse an outgoing change set by right-clicking the change set in the Outgoing folder and clicking Reverse, it is easier to undo or discard the outgoing change set, and use the Reverse operation for accepted change sets.


  1. Either in the Team Artifacts tool window or in the Pending Changes tool window, right-click a component and click Show History.
  2. Right-click the change set that you want to reverse and click Reverse. This action creates a Rational Team Concert™ source control patch named Reverse:name_of_change_set in the Pending Patches folder of the Pending Changes window. You can view the patch only if in Tools > Options > Source Control > Jazz Source Control > Changes, the Show pending patches in Pending Changes view is selected.
  3. Before merging the patch to the sandbox, verify the patch contents by opening them in the Compare Editor to avoid any conflict. If there are any active change sets already in the workspace, complete or suspend them before merging the patch.
  4. After verifying the patch, right-click the patch and click Merge into Workspace. If the patch is not merged automatically, you have to open the patch contents in the Compare Editor to merge the changes manually. The merge creates unresolved changes in the components affected by the patch.
  5. Check in the unresolved changes and deliver them to reverse the change set that you selected in Step 2.

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