Integrating products on separate Jazz Team Servers

To configure linking between projects in Jazz™ technology platform applications and products that are registered with separate Jazz Team Servers, you must configure cross-server communication in the server administration utility.

Some Jazz technology platform applications, such as the Rational® solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management applications for Change and Configuration Management (CCM), Quality Management (QM), and Requirements Management (RM), are typically configured to use a single Jazz Team Server. This configuration offers quicker setup, common administration, and more seamless integrations. However, some organizations might choose to configure these applications to use separate servers. Some other Jazz technology platform products can only be configured to use a separate Jazz Team Server. For these products, you must establish cross-server communication, as described in this section, to integrate with other Jazz products.

If all Jazz technology platform applications are registered with the same Jazz Team Server, you can skip these cross-server communication topics and use the setup wizard to register the applications with the Jazz Team Server. You can then link project areas in the applications by using the Lifecycle Project Administration; see Administering lifecycle projects.

If the applications are registered with separate servers, you must do the following tasks to configure the integration.

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