Importing migration package files

You can import requirements from an IBM® Rational® DOORS® migration package file into IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation. The migration package file must be in your file system.

Importing data from a migration package file is a one-way, non-destructive migration method for moving requirements from Rational DOORS into Rational DOORS Next Generation. Historical data is not migrated; however, the import process creates URIs in Rational DOORS Next Generation that link back to the corresponding records in Rational DOORS. These links provide access to history, baselines, and other non-migrated data. During the import process, the wizard searches for existing compatible types to use, and if it cannot find one then a new type is created.

To import data from a migration file:
  1. Click Artifacts > Import Artifacts.
  2. In the import wizard that opens, click Import requirements from a migration package.
  3. Browse for and select the migration file to import and then complete the steps in the wizard. The migration package file must have a .migiz file extension.

After the import process is complete, a migration report is generated. For information about how to create a migration package, see Migrating data to Rational DOORS Next Generation.

You can also watch an overview video and a detailed video about migrating requirements from Rational DOORS into Rational DOORS Next Generation.

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