Migrating databases

You can change the databases for Jazz™ Team Server, the Change and Configuration Management (CCM) application, the Requirements Management (RM) application, and the Quality Management (QM) application from one vendor to another.

Before you begin

  • You must have administrative privileges on the database server.
  • A supported version of a database that you are moving to must be installed. For a complete list of supported databases, see Hardware and software requirements.
  • If you plan to change your database and change the server version at the same time, you must first migrate the source database to the current version. To do so, use the repotools -addTables command.

About this task

Important: Use the repotools -export and -import commands only to change database vendors; for example, by changing from Oracle to DB2®. Do not use those commands to back up databases.


  1. Stop the servers that are running, which might include Jazz Team Server and the CCM and QM servers.
  2. Back up the database by using the database commands. Backing up the database is a precautionary measure in case something goes wrong. For instructions to back up, see your database documentation.
  3. Export your data to .tar files:
    JTS_install_dir/server repotools-jts -export toFile=JTSData.tar
    CCM_install_dir/server repotools-ccm -export toFile=CCMData.tar
    QM_install_dir/server repotools-qm -export toFile=QMData.tar
    RM_install_dir/server repotools-rm -export toFile=RMData.tar
  4. Create separate databases for Jazz Team Server and the CCM, RM, and QM applications. For information about creating databases, see these resources:
  5. In each of the teamserver.properties files, find the sections that are in the following table. Reference the new database by commenting out your existing database and removing the comments (#).
    Note: If you already set up your server, the original content of the teamserver.properties file is saved in a new file; for example, teamserver-1340753205409backup.properties.
    Table 1. Database configuration property
    Database Section to remove comments from More information
    DB2 DB2 configuration Manually configuring a DB2 database
    Oracle Oracle configuration Manually configuring an Oracle database
    SQL Server SQL Server configuration Manually configuring an SQL Server database
  6. Import the data from the .tar files by entering the repotools command.
    JTS_install_dir/server repotools-jts -import fromFile=JTSData.tar
    CCM_install_dir/server repotools-ccm -import fromFile=CCMData.tar
    QM_install_dir/server repotools-qm -import fromFile=QMData.tar
    RM_install_dir/server repotools-rm -import fromFile=RMData.tar
  7. Start the servers.

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