Data Definitions

Use the Data Definitions feature to define the fields of line definitions and lines. When you apply a user-defined data definition to an extended standard line definition, you add a user-defined field to the future line and constrain the values that can be applied to it.


A data definition is the origin of a field that references a data domain and determines the data type and the format of data entry. Data definitions are referenced by line definitions and can be system data definitions or user-defined data definitions.

Actions for data definitions

The following actions can be carried out for data definitions.

  • Reviewing the system data definitions.
  • Viewing data definitions.
  • Creating data definitions.
  • Modifying data definitions.
  • Deleting data definitions.

Limitation on the number of Data Definitions in Emptoris Contract Management

Although you can add any number of user defined data definitions in Emptoris® Contract Management, you can use only a maximum of 800 of these user defined data definitions as fields in the line definitions. This includes custom property data definitions that are created by selecting the Available for inclusion in lines as line field option.

If the limit is reached, the user can delete an existing data definition and add another. A data definition can be deleted only if it is not used in any line definition.

Note: If a user creates custom property data definitions and then clears the option in the custom property window, the custom property data definitions are end dated, but not removed.